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List of our Manufacturers
Debbie says..........."A GREAT PRODUCT MIX!"

As we moved through 2013, we saw  a much improved business climate.  The ice seems to be thawing, and the gift industry opening up.  We at the Mart look forward to playing a vital part in your business plans.  Look for COLOR, COLOR, COLOR.

The Mart is stronger than ever-- "The Best Regional Mart in the Country".   We are making 2014 a wonderful market year!   We invite folks from outside of our territory to also check out the convenience of shopping at the Minneapolis Gift Mart.



New Showroom for 2014

Watch for a NEW

 Window Display


32 Years

  Working with you....... be successful!

"We would like to introduce you to the Gluesing and Gluesing showroom with this picture presentation.

We have home decor, garden items, paper products,  apparel,  jewelry, and souvenir items.   We  have new manufacturers to investigate.  Good manufactures, like we represent, bring new product and ideas to the show.  So be sure you keep checking out lines like Artstrings, and Long Weekend Sportswear.   They are like our anchor stores.  They provide stability of product.  Be sure to check out  our seasonal products.

  Whether you are in the cities or in a tourist area, we are happy to promote "State Identity".

I am proud of  the manufacturers that we represent.  They are quality product with great service.  Thirty plus years in this industry makes me value great manufacturers and have ultimate respect for you really good retailers.  I love to work with all of you!

Looking forward to this market season, and seeing you on the road."

  Debbie Gluesing

List of our Manufacturers

The only address change is from B165 to B101.  Phone numbers are all the same.

Showroom Info: B-101

Gluesing & Gluesing  B101
Debra  Gluesing

   10301 Bren Road West #B101




Office/Showroom (952) 933-1521     
FAX (952) 933-1628    
    Orders (800) 747-0227
Web Site:
E-Mail Address:



"Art to Envy" - prints at "enviable" prices - this is a must see print line!

Avery Color Studios

Regional books, puzzles & posters

C & J Sayles

Nature jewelry, turquoise, leaves, etc.

Castle Rock

Souvenir and name key tags & magnets

Clay Critters

Whimsical magnets, colorfully showing the wonders of heaven & earth - free personalizing

Cowichan Embroidery & Screen Printing

Embroidered tees, sweats and blankets. The most effective merchandising system in the industry.

Duckboy Cards, Inc

.Humerous Postcards, Books, Tshirts and souvenirs--great for GUYS


"Advice fromů" garments. Really GREEN line

Long Weekend

Embroidered & silk-screened garments from basic T's to fashion apparel - GREAT colors and designs. Namedrops available, no charge

Mademoiselle, Inc.

Only American made scarves left!! Sandals & clothing, shawls, purses, accessories, hats - WOW!


Minnesota made glycerin & soy soap, and body products

Planet Zoo

Incredible wildlife photography - notepads, puzzles, stickers, etc.

Posies and Such

Donna Jensen's whimsical wonderful art on variety of paper products

Stuffed Animal House

North American made quality plush wildlife

Sunburst Souvenirs

Fun & colorful Minn souvenirs-great T-shirts

Takobia Jewelry

Classy iron jewelry - assembled in US - display available

Your True Nature

"Advice fromů paper products - the best of messages of ""GREEN"""

2014 Monster Mondays

February 17th, May 19th,
July 21th, and September 15th

2014 Show Dates

January 24=28

March 14-18

April 27-29

June 8-10

August 8-12

October 5-7


Visit showroom B101




Is really going to town!! 

Introducing the new Robin Ruth line for Minnesota

SUNBURST is featuring some great t-shirt designs.  A real winner for this summer is "Who Let the Girls Out"!!SS

Sunburst Souvenirs takes great pride in providing our customer an extraordinary, unique buying experience with innovative products and services that capture lasting memories reflective of the culture and lifestyle of the areas in which we operate.

Visit SUNBURST web site


Long Weekend Garments

Personalize your Product

Free Namedrops


You Need Garments to be successful 

Tote bag and sandals are part of Robin Ruth, from Sunburst Souvenirs




is a Canadian Company.

They work in excellent embroidery with 

endless artwork, all with your 


They offer the unique "TUBE" display option.

SHOW SPECIAL--a hat and T

Only $8.75, min of 48 sets

Great quali

Because it is made in the USA, they can custom namedrop, with only a minimum of 6

at NO extra charge. a real advantage.



Studio One is designed in Wisconsin, and primarily American made.  The artists excel at  floral and birds, so great for gift or garden shops.

Made in the USA

Stuffed Animal House 
A Canadian Company.  
They have little plush magnets and keyrings up to life size animals that a person can sit on, great for display or interaction.

Wolves, huskies, bears, otters, squirrels and more...wonderful wildlife.


C J Sayles has been in the business of real leaf jewelry for many years.  This So. Dakota company offers a wide variety of jewelry, including John Richards neck/earring sets for only $7.00.  If you don't sell jewelry in their "assortments", they will exchange it.

Definitely worth a $100.00 min try!



Quality American Made Magnets with great personality.

For Gluesing and Gluesing customers: 
Name Drops are Available and Free!

Handcrafted critters such as marine-life, wildlife, zoo and farm animals. Plus, flowers, fruits, vegetables and whimsical magnets and key chain items including popular icons. Make these 'Made in USA' magnets into souvenirs. Check out our new styles.   

Clay Critter Web Page

Made in the USA



Donna Jensen's artwork on a wonderful variety of paper products.

Looking for a guest book, or a recipe card?  Look no further!

She has created a wide variety of designs on the ever-popular magnetic list pad.

Each design is available in many products, offering wonderful displays.

Again, made in the USA with pride.


Your True Nature

View our 2014 Catalog

Every year brings new "Advice from..." designs

Made in the USA

Debbie says:

  "We are pleased to offer you, Your True Nature"

The wonderful selection of bookmarks lets everyone enjoy "Advice from Nature" at a fantastic retail price.

Other items:  journals, postcards, nature books

EarthSunMoon      A very fun garment line, great designs, small minimums and competitive prices.   American made product.  NEW  Advice from the Solar System.  Made in the USA

This is one of the designs from the Advice...line of designs.  EarthSunMoon  
".........promises to have plenty to make you smile."

Mademoiselle Inc
 Manufacturer and importer of women's' hats, scarves, gloves and other accessories since 1940

USA manufacturer and importer

Mademoiselle Inc

A 3-generation Chicago based company.  They are the only remaining manufacturer of AMERICAN made scarves.   They created the popular "rosette" scarf.   Imported products include a huge variety of scarves, sandals, hats, bags and more.  This is a must look at line.


This part of the showroom has all of the apparel lines, Clay Critters and Stuffed Animal House.



More Lines presented in Showroom:



Castle Rock

Poisies and Such

Planet zoo

Sunburst Souvenirs

Taylor and Co


Garden Centers, Flower Shops and Nurseries 



Watch for your 2014 Artstring's Catalogue Supplement.

This picture shows some of the most re-ordered pictures from ARTSTRINGS..  They have so much new to see in the showroom before the catalogues come out.  Make this line a MUST WRITE at market, where the new is shown.



This is the New Logo for Gluesing and Gluesing.  It has a different meaning for each of us, but to me it brings a sense of renewal, and sustainability

BETSY'S BASKETS offers birdhouses, summer fun baskets, and more tailored look for room decor.  Many sizes that work for gift baskets.

They have limited designs left.  But what they have is really great!






nature stone jewelry and real leaf jewelry and ornaments.  Wide variety of bracelets.

NEW from CJ Enterprises--glass jewelry.  Phenomenal sales on the glass earring and necklace sets.  They are available on a tree display that really sells the product.  Cost of $7.00 for a neck/ear set from the John Richards collection.   A real VALUE.




Tucked in between these lines are a few individual item lines, like our Minnesota and Wisconsin cookbooks, Avery Color Publications with nautical books and posters, and fun cookbooks.  Nature Song has nature sound CD's--wolf song, loon, birds, etc.  Namedrops available.

We want to work with all stores, and feel that we have something for everyone.



 Gluesing and Gluesing 
B101 Showroom
Author Debbie Gluesing will be signing Copies of her 8th edition  
From Minnesota....More than a Cookbook

From Wisconsin...More than a Coobook 
oin the thousands who have enjoyed these unique  Cookbooks by sisters Laurie and Debbie Gluesing.

Order at the market and schedule a Book signing at your Retail store, or request some autographed copies.


























 Gluesing and Gluesing 

Debbie welcomes you to her manufacturers site.

Long Weekend


Garden Centers, Flower Shops and Nurseries